Monday, April 26, 2010

What a Weekend

Well our first weekend at home was not without excitement.  Olivia had her grandparents over to welcome her home on Friday night, the home health nurse came by on Saturday and then her Uncle Craig and Aunt Katie were over yesterday and then this morning she had another nurse visit.

The home nurse visit on Saturday could have gone better.  While the nurse was very nice, she wasn't very organized and Olivia was put through more because of the lack of preparation.  Then once Olivia was screaming her head off and on her way toward turning blue the nurse told us that we should really calm her down because she shouldn't be crying like that.  I'm not sure about all the other heart parents out there, but I really take offense to the health care provider that makes my baby cry then instructing me that I'm not doing a good enough job to soothe my baby and keep her heart from getting too stressed.  In fact I'm guessing that after a few more times of getting fed that guilt trip, I'm going to lash out irrationally at someone.

Other than that, now that I'm home with the munchkin and Brian's at work, I need to work on getting into a set schedule that allows me to be productive getting things done that I need to accomplish.  The juggling part comes in making sure meds are filled and given at the correct times and keeping up with nurse visits as well as her weekly visit down at Christ for the Heart Clinic.  Either way, all of the scheduling is still much better than having to deal with the constant badgering that Liv had to endure during her hospital stay.  It is so nice to peek in on her during one of her naps and see her sprawled out in her pack n play or bassinet because she's so relaxed.  Right now seeing her actually enjoy some of the day to day is the most fulfilling thing that Brian and I can witness before we have to take her back in for the Glenn in a few months.


  1. UGH... I feel your frustration! We had a home health nurse for a couple weeks to and I felt like I had to tell her what to do because she really never seemed to know what she was talking about. But how nice to be home, right? :) :)

  2. OK...home health is for your benefit and Olivia's and if it is not working out with one nurse...get another one. It is a relationship you will have for quite a long time and if it is not working out now, it may never and that is not good for anyone. You/or your insurance is paying for the service and you can request a new nurse. Just a lesson I had to learn the hard way...although mine was in the hospital and an ICU nurse I did not really feel comfortable looking after Hope. I know it is hard (at least it was for me because I am not too assertive and feel bad thinking I may hurt someone's feelings), but you need to feel comfortable and feel like the people you have for Olivia's care are the BEST!

    On that note...I am so happy you had a wonderful weekend. Enjoy watching Olivia thrive at home. You will be amazed at the strides she makes and how much more comfortable she is!

    All the best...Paula