Friday, April 30, 2010

Fed Up - Literallly & Figuratively

Olivia made no attempt to hide her disdain for her NG tube, so around 3am this morning during a feeding with Daddy Olivia decided that she was done with it entirely.  The details are sketchy, but Brian and Olivia came down with her bawling her eyes out and him saying "We have a problem".  I tried to salvage the tube but as soon as I touched it the last half inch came out of her nose with no hope of re-inserting it.  At 3am I wasn't about to try to put in a new tube so I figured since we were headed down to Hope for appointments that it could wait until the doctors told us for sure that they wanted the tube back in.

Good thing I waited because the staff was so impressed with her ability to take her meds orally and finish the majority of her bottles that they said she can do without the tube.  They also said that we can now start feeding her on demand like a normal healthy baby so long as we measure her daily intake to make sure she doesn't get overloaded on fluid.  She behaved really well for her Echo and the results were excellent.  We were instructed to discontinue one of her meds entirely and reduce the dosages on another - all of which is great news.  For our first visit to the clinic, things couldn't have gone better.  I'm realistic that not all visits may be as positive as today's was, but it was a huge morale boost for Brian and I that we are on the right path for Olivia to have the best chance of success for her future surgeries.  Olivia is definitely doing her part, she's got a fierce appetite, sleeps fairly well and is moving around all her extremities and head in such a way that she's rapidly catching up with her peers. Such a great day!

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  1. That is exactly how that happened in our house too! Aly just wasn't ever comfortable with it and was a totally different baby with it out. Crossing my fingers that she keeps eating and eating! Great news from the clinic also! Happy to hear it! :)