Monday, May 3, 2010


Another milestone for Olivia.  She is now tipping the scales at 9lbs as of this morning's nurse visit.  She has put on an entire pound since she came home from the hospital which seems ridiculous to me, but her medical team is thrilled with it so then I'm happy too. 

Olivia has discovered her hands quite well over the last few days and can reach out for things now.  She has been taking 3oz bottles at one feeding which is a definite accomplishment and probably contributing to her weight gain.  This weekend she slept for five hours at once and I woke up in a panic because she hadn't woken me up first.  But there she was snug as a bug in a rug sawwing away some zzz's. 

Today she also took her first bath without screaming bloody murder, she just hung out the whole time and looked like she enjoyed herself.  Relaxation has been key for us, she just looks so much more at ease.  Whether she's in her Boppy or just hanging out on the couch, she can lay there for quite some time entertaining herself and checking out the scene.  She looks like she wants to know everything that's going on and I'm sure after weeks of staring at the same room in the hospital, anything seems more entertaining than that. After lunch today we're going to go out for a walk and take advantage of the beautiful weather before Brian comes home.  Thank goodness for beautiful sunny days!

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  1. I am so happy for you! One pound in a week is GREAT. Enjoy the beautiful weather with Olivia...she must be enjoying it too.