Friday, April 16, 2010

In the Mood for Food

Well after her crisis yesterday, Olivia still managed to right her little ship overnight so that she could get some food in her today.  The first test for any of these babies with milk or formula is 3 ml per hour, as of tonight Liv was getting 15 ml per hour with no sign of reflux or digestion issues.  With the re-start on milk, the munchkin was in a much better mood today.  I held her for over an hour this morning and there was absolutely no crying involved - it was great.  She's swollen today from all the extra fluids they had to give her yesterday, but hopefully it'll be gone soon enough. 

On the medicine front, we only have one pump left and hopefully that will be gone by morning.  Everything else is now going orally through her NG tube which is very nice.  When we left tonight her O2 was set at 25% and Nitric was down to 10 parts.  Once she is weaned down to room air and off the Nitric entirely, the next hurdle will be going from the pressurized nasal cannula to the regular flow cannula. I can't make any estimates as to when all these changes will take place because clearly Olivia moves at her own speed.  It was just very nice to see her so relaxed and snoozing away the day today after her crazy day yesterday where it was plainly evident that she was displeased and uncomfortable.  Happy Olivia = happy Mommy

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  1. So glad to read she has turned herself around. This is one roller coaster ride I would never want anyone to ride. You all remain in my thoughts and prayers.