Thursday, April 15, 2010

Two Steps Forward & One Step Back

I started out this morning with my typical visit to the munchkin and all looked well except that she was still a little fussy.  They had turned off another one of her heart meds and completely weaned her off the sedatives, so two more pumps were happily leaving us.  Her feeds were looking good and her nurse had planned to remove her last drainage tube this morning and then increase her feeds to actually be small meal size instead of a constant little drip.  I hung around for a couple of hours and felt comfortable meeting up with my parents before going to visit her again.

By the time I got back to her room around 1, there were literally no less than 12 people in her room.  In case any of you are in unfamiliar territory - that's never a good sign for any of these babies unless the doctors are doing rounds; which in this case they were not.  Apparently not long before I showed up she had her drainage tube removed followed by a nice round of deep suctioning.  My little missy decided that was all too much action for her and decided to completely de-sat - meaning that her Oxygen levels fell to the low 30's as opposed to the nice 70/80ish range that they had been in consistently.  This creates panic for the doctors and nurses when they really don't have a good indication why it happened. 

All that we can figure is that she was so displeased with the deep suctioning that her pulmonary vessels clamped down and deprived her extremities of oxygenated blood flow.  This made her gray and overall not very healthy looking.  With a little extra meds here and there, everything is back on track tonight.  I left her sleeping comfy, but she has been much more irritable this afternoon since there's been no more food since her latest episode.  Again, can't say that I blame her, but I wish she understood this vicious little cycle that she's got herself on.  As with my last few entries, I'm just hoping tomorrow brings her some food, because now that she's had the feeling of a full tummy she definitely isn't loving this empty tummy business. 

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