Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Christening

Although the traffic was miserable for pretty much everyone in attendance and even Father Wayne was running late, Olivia's Christening went so well.  She looked absolutely beautiful in her gown and slept through the entire ceremony.  The blanket that we wrapped her in was crocheted by Great Grandma Reeves and all of Olivia's uncles and Dad were christened in the same blanket so it's becoming a family heirloom.  Aunt Linda was in from Paris to be Godmother and also formally graduate from UPenn later this week.  Uncle Craig is the Godfather and he was also best man at our wedding and soon Brian will be best man at his wedding. 

We were very very happy that Great Grandma and Grandpa Donnelly as well as Uncle Brian and Aunt Kari were all able to fly in and share the special day with us.  We took a picture of Olivia with her two grandmothers and two great grandmothers as well as another picture with her great grandpa and the two grandpas.  I think that she's extremely lucky to have so many members of the extended family still around and able to be present for occasions like her Christening.  Everyone adored her and commented as to what a wonderful baby Olivia is but even Uncle Sean had to chime in that he's been witness to her worse moments when even earplugs won't dull the sound of her displeasure.  Of course I realize that all of Olivia's admirers are biased and hardly believe such stories of her acting anything other than angelic.  You can see from the pictures that she did look fairly angelic and I have lost any argument indicating otherwise. 

It was truly a great night surrounded with lots of loving family to be here for our baby girl and one of the first religious milestones in her life.

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