Friday, May 21, 2010

It's really been four weeks?

Wow, how time flies!  Olivia has been home for four weeks as of today.  I really can't believe it, so obviously things have been going fairly smoothly or it would seem like eternity looking back.  I have to laugh thinking back to the first weekend when Brian and I struggled to get showers or meals before the sun down each day.  I have been so excited the last two weeks or so when Liv was sleeping about 6 hours straight at night, but those days were short lived.  I think she's going through a growth spurt at the moment so she's back to being up every 3 hours or so for a bottle.  Sometimes she goes right back to sleep, other times she's cooing and waving her little arms around when I pass out from exhaustion and she just keeps entertaining herself until she's back to sleep.  My motto is: so long as she's fed, clean, safe and within earshot of me, I can sleep soundly regardless of her being awake. 

It has been extremely refreshing this morning not scrambling around trying to get O and all her gear packed up to get down to Hope for the heart clinic.  I am definitely loving having less appointments, however I think that the date for the Glenn is going to be sooner rather than later.  She's already 10 pounds and very strong.  When she gets herself into those major crying fits we can't even startle her anymore by blasting a gust of air in her face to get her to take that extra breath.  She just cries right over us which is great because she's strong enough to do it, but also unfortunate because she just goes on and on longer and longer.  On a plus side, it does take quite a bit more agitation for her to turn herself a nice shade a blue than it previously did, so I guess I can consider us lucky in that aspect. 

Tomorrow our baby girl will be 8 weeks old and she's already lost that newborn cry-which I was actually pretty sad to hear.  We are enjoying every minute with her; I'll be honest, Brian is enjoying every minute he spends with her, some of her meltdowns when it's just one on one with me I could do without.  Either way, Olivia is always the best part of each of our days. 

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  1. How wonderful to hear how well Miss O is progressing!

    I saw photos of your Father-in-Law holding her in her green and white romper and I can't get over how long she is! She is beyond precious!!!!

    I LOVE the photos of her from her Christening!! She looks like a little angel!! Too adorable for words. She looks like she has so much she wants to say - like, Grandpa, why isn't my room painted already!?! Ha, ha!

    I am delighted that you and Brian are starting to enjoy all of the things that new parents do, and that you are starting to sleep and relax a bit more.

    Olivia is a wonderful, strong little girl who is grows to be more incredibe with each passing day. She is loved by more and more people every day - her fan club keeps growing!

    Much love,