Monday, June 14, 2010

6/11 Appointment at Hope

Hi Everyone,
  Sorry Mommy has been bad about getting on here to update right after our appointments.  Friday's appointment was relatively short, partially due to the fact that Liv decided that she wanted to sleep through most of the visits.  She is weighing in over 11lbs, height is sketchy since their record keeping has been wrong for the past month and head circumference is right on track.  They are thrilled to be seeing her in the 50th percentiles for each category at 11 weeks old.  She is still on formula fortified breast milk in hopes of continuing to beef her up before the Glenn.  What's even more impressive is despite our best efforts she got a touch of the stomach flu from me and still managed to gain almost a pound in the two weeks between our last visit. 
    When talking with Dr. Husayni  it sounds like our next doctor's appointment at Hope will likely be replaced by a heart cath to determine her readiness for the upcoming Glenn.  It will be somewhat invasive as she will need to be under general anesthesia, on a ventilator and they could potentially put in stents or make some cauterizations depending on how her veins and arteries look while they're in the process of the cath.  The biggest bummer of this means that it will be an overnight stay at Hope to have the procedure.  I'm sure Olivia will be chomping at the bit after that little stay to get the heck out of there.  Little does she know we're planning the Glenn for late July/early August.  
  All of this planning and assessments went on while Olivia just slept away the morning in my arms.  I fed her while they were taking her BP and Pulse Ox and it was just easy times after that.  It sort of worked out in Olivia's favor actually since the doctors and therapists didn't want to disturb her sweet slumber and left her alone.  I'll have to make sure that we time out her bottles that way in the future appointments so that maybe she'll catch more breaks like that on Friday.  Anything we can do to make the experience a little less stressful for her makes it better for all of us. 

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