Monday, June 28, 2010

Back to Work Mommy!

Well I did it, I'm back to work.  I woke up about fifteen minutes before my alarm this morning in anticipation of starting my day.  It's funny, as I was getting ready this morning it didn't feel all that different from pre-baby routine.  Then again, it helps that Olivia was sawing some serious zzz's while I was showering and even when I kissed her and told her I'd see her later today.  I'm super sad of thinking about the fact that I'm not going to be there at all today and she could be looking around for me throughout the day, but really she goes with anyone so I needn't worry.  She's in the perfectly capable hands of my mom who will call me should she have any questions or concerns. 

Still...I may reward myself tomorrow with a trip home for lunch to see my little munch and smother her with kisses. 


  1. Glad your first day of work wasn't too hard! I love the new picture of adorable Olivia in your blog header. SO CUTE! :)