Friday, June 25, 2010

Cath Results

We have been in recovery with the Munch now for about 2 hours and all is well.  She was super fussy when we first came in and her poor little voice sound like that 80 year old woman that's smoked all her life once again.  The nurses explained that she was probably parched from being on the vent and wanted us to start giving her Pedialyte.  It was slow going since she's never had it before.  After she had about an ounce she got extremely fussy and threw it all up but had a few nice burps in there too.  Apparently she just had some extra air in her tummy that she needed to get out in a bad way.

The results from her cath were very positive and didn't require any intervention.  She does have some narrowing of her left pulmonary artery but we've been told that's pretty common with these hypoplast babies.  It's something that they will monitor closely and if necessary balloon open during the cath getting her ready for the Fontan (surgery #3) because they will go in from a different entry point.  There was a small difrence in pressure readings from the top of the aortic arch to where the arch is grafted on the Sano shunt, but they didn't see any narrowing so there was nothing to balloon.  Again, these are things they will watch but no cause for alarm.

Assuming her vitals and subsequent feedings go well, we will be out of here around 6pm tonight.  I for one cannot wait because she just looks uncomfortable with all the wires and her poor little arm strapped to an immobilizer.  Don't worry Olivia - Mommy and Daddy are going to bust you out of here!

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