Friday, June 25, 2010

Cath Update #1

We just heard from one of the nurses that's in with the munch.  They were able to find a usable vein in her right leg so that's exciting.  She's sleeping peacefully, her vitals are stable and they're already collecting data.  At this point we can't ask for a better report than that.  It is too early to say whether or not she will need any intervention. 

I am back from my post-op check.  They were nice to scoot me through the process so I could get back to the waiting room with Brian.  All in all I am the picture of health. I'm back to pre-baby weight, sadly its just distributed a bit differently right now. 

Hopefully they'll be wrapping up the cath within the next hour or so and we'll have more news.  Until then...

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