Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day

First a quick update on Olivia...we are seeing a decrease in the frequency and amount of blood, but an increase in her overall fussiness.  She is clearly uncomfortable after a bottle and refuses to let us burp her in any position so we are really relying on Mylicon as of right now.  Other than the 15 minutes after a bottle, she is her normal happy self.  Brian and I were able to go to a concert on Saturday night to see Keith Urban, the Dixie Chicks and Eagles.  It was amazing, but we were definitely anxious to get back to the little one for the night. 

Olivia gave her daddy the a much appreiated gift for Father's Day - the gift of sleep.  She went an entire eight hours from Saturday to Sunday and Brian woke up so refreshed and in amazement that she slept the whole night away.  I framed the pictures that I had done with Olivia as Brian's gift and he loves them.  In fact I was so excited to give them to him that I showed him the finished product last Wednesday when I picked them up from the studio.  Obviously this Father's Day was extra special for us since it was Brian's first and Olivia was home with us to celebrate the big event.  I have to give Brian a lot of credit, he balances work and then comes home and gives me a little break from caregiver most nights.  On weekends he wakes up with her for the feedings and diaper changes.  In the morning he makes sure that he goes over to Olivia to talk with her for a few minutes before he leaves for work.  There isn't anything he wouldn't do for her (which I'm sure will become a negative when she's older and more manipulative), but for now he truly enjoys every minute that he gets to spend with her and is always trying to make time for more. 

As for my own dad, I was able to spend the day with him as well since we had both sets of grandparents, uncles & aunt at our house for a BBQ.  Both Nonno & Grandpa got a picture collage of Livvy and they are already scheming which pictures to take down at their respective houses to make room for the princess.  I realize how special it is that both Brian and I have parents that are still married and living in the area.  Adding to that, I'm married to my best friend since the age of fourteen and am still a Daddy's girl at my tender age of twenty-something.  I have been very blessed to have had such a wonderful father for all of my life and to have found someone who will be equally as wonderful to our own children.  Happy Father's Day to all!

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