Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Heart cath is set

Well we are on our way down the road to surgery #2 - the Glenn.  Olivia is set to go in for her heart catherization on Friday 6/25 at 6:30 am.  While we're waiting, I will be running over to the MFM group to have my post c-section appointment, only a few weeks late - haha.  If the cath is entirely diagnostic meaning that they just get pressure readings from her veins and arteries, then there is a chance we will be able to go home on Friday night.  If they need to do any intervention such as placement of coils, etc then we will need to stay overnight for observation. 

As of right now the little missy is in her swing really snoozing it up.  Yesterday we finally made the call at the behest of the cardiology staff to discontinue the use of any formula soy or otherwise in the breast milk.  I am still withholding dairy products from my diet, but so far so good.  We are just at the 24 hour mark right now without any blood in her diapers.  I'm currently drinking Almond milk as I'm typing this entry, so at least I can still have cereal in the mornings as the milk is really pretty tasty.  Some people kind of grimaced at the thought of going without dairy products. Don't get me wrong, I will miss my recent ice cream and DQ splurges, but if something so simple can alleviate Olivia's discomfort, then I'm more than willing to do without. 

If for whatever reason we still see blood later this week prior to her cath, Brian and I have requested that they do a scope or MRI to locate the source of bleeding while she's knocked out during the cath.  While we don't want to subject her to any additional invasive tests, it does give us comfort to know that she would be under sedation.  Of course we realize that the cath itself carries inherent risks and there have even been babies that pass away during the procedure, but we feel that Olivia is doing quite well and will come through this just fine albeit cranky and sore from being poked and prodded.  One of my hopes for future medical technology is these screenings will someday be replaced by a scan or other wonderfully outrageous medical gizmo that won't require any pain inflicted on the patient big or small. 

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  1. I know it is getting close...hope you all are doing good emotionally. I think she will be fine with just the breastmilk, but you are right...they are there so just get it all done. I am also with you on hoping and praying for a non-invasive test for our little ones...hey...I want a non-invasive surgery too...while we are hoping and praying for stuff.