Sunday, July 4, 2010

7/2 Doctor Update

Well Miss Olivia is weighing in at a whopping 11lbs 8oz (which is really only about 3oz more than our last weight check) but she is 25" long!  The fact that she grew an entire inch from our last height check made me feel much better about everything that's been going on.  Her pediatrician decided that we should try an antacid to see if that will stop the blood from making its appearance.  So we're going to try that and then maybe on Tuesday the GI specialist will have a thought or two of his own that we'll need to try from that appointment. 

Our visit to Hope was aggravating, I can honestly say it was probably the first time that I was annoyed with the staff.  We got there early which was no big deal so we decided to go up and visit some of Liv's nurses from the PSHU.  They were thrilled to see her and couldn't believe how big she has gotten in our couple of months at home.  After some gabbing we needed to head down to clinic for our 10:30 appointment.  We finally got called back around 11:45, did the whole vital check and waited.  Then we waited some more and PT came in for an assessment.  Liv is tracking and grabbing for things as they're held in front of her, but we really need to focus on her lifting and supporting her own head.  Then the doctor came in for a few minutes to listen to her and tell us that she needed and echo & EKG.  What!? She was just in for a cath last week, you mean to tell me they didn't do either of those test while she was under?  Oh and then the doctor asks us what is the date for the Glenn.  Again - wait, they told us last week at the cath that YOU would be giving us the date for surgery at this very visit! doctor goes out to look over her records to see if the echo & EKG were done during the cath and they WEREN'T, so she now needs to go in and have that done.  Then he went and called surgery to ask if we were on the schedule and we ARE NOT, so now they need to call me this week because they were too busy to talk with us while we were actually there.  Finally we go in for the echo and the munchkin decides to have a meltdown.  She's hungry, she's been undressed for too long in the freezing exam rooms and needless to say the tech can't do the echo while she's screaming her head off.  So then the tech starts looking at Brian & I like we're idiot parents when Brian says he needs to run out to the car to grab another bottle from the cooler.  We hadn't really expected that this appointment was going to go so long that we needed to have more than one bottle with us. 

By the time Brian comes back with it and it's mildly warmed for Liv, it seemed like forever and a day.  We gave her the bottle, echo started and by the end of the bottle, she was snoozing away.  Both echo and EKG showed good results thank God, but I was still frustrated. Ultimately the problem with the visit overall was that it was a holiday weekend and the hospital was minimally staffed.  Please please please, let us never have a medical emergency where we need to take her in like that on a holiday weekend, because I have to say they definitely shook my confidence a little bit. 

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  1. sorry to hear about your visit. Although...she is doing great, so that is excellent news!