Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Glenn

Game on.  Please know I say this figuratively as I am not looking forward to the Glenn surgery but I am looking forward to Olivia being 2/3 of the way done with her surgeries by the end of the summer.  We are set to go on August 5th.  I am not nervous, at least not yet about the prospect of going through this all again.  We were told to expect anywhere from around a 4-6 day stay in the hospital provided all goes well with the surgery.  I already know from the Norwood recovery that Olivia has plans of her own and will do what she sees fit the duration of the stay. 

Brian's last day in the office for the short future will be July 30th.  After Olivia has the Glenn he will be staying home with her using FMLA during recovery while I'm back in the office.  I have no worries, Daddy and daughter will have a ball together spoiling each other with all the individual attention to one another.

Our pre-surgical appointment is on the 2nd and hopefully it will be all green lights.  We know that she needs this procedure to continue with her fight.  Her color isn't as good as it once was and her sats are starting to creep down as she continues to outgrow her shunt.  Last night I laid her on her Boppy and she lifted her little head all around to check out the world.  It was one of the more pure moments of joy that I have ever experienced.  I also know that without grief I would not have as much appreciation for that moment of joy. Currently one of the heart families that I know through the blogs is undertaking the fight of their life.  Their little boy Luke has a particular difficult case of HLHS and the prognosis is grim right now unless "a miracle happens" according to the doctors.  All of these heart babies are miracles and I can only hope that Luke's family gets one more miracle for their team. 

In preparation for Olivia's surgery, we are going to donate blood for her and have it set aside.  If you are local, please feel free to donate to her cause.  Any Lifesource in the Chicagoland area is acceptable 3-6 days prior to her surgery date.  She is A positive and can accept A blood (either positive or negative) and Type O as well.  If you're not a match but still want to donate just as a gesture, that is soooo much appreciated as the blood banks always need donors.  I for one have never donated before and am looking forward to making my first contribution.  It's just another way that she has changed the way that I think, I don't even know if I'm a blood match and I don't care.  If Olivia can't benefit from my blood, someone else in need will.  She changes my life on a daily basis.

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  1. I remember too well waiting for the Glenn. I was nervous and kind of happy to think that it would be 'out of the way' and we would have a few years to enjoy Hope and life with no surgeries.

    I am happy to hear about the blood donation drive an if I were in the area, I would donate. I donate every chance I can because I know it can save a life.