Monday, July 12, 2010


This weekend was not one of our better ones.  I think it started early last week when the GI doctor suggested that Liv had a milk protein allergy.  Instead of starting the Nutramigen, Brian and I decided that I would add some dairy back into my diet and see the results.  I would say that Olivia started to become a little fussier throughout the weekend, we saw more blood than we had been seeing and now she's not eating the amount of ounces that she had been last week.  Strangely enough, her sats are higher than they have been since her cath two weeks ago so go figure.  We have her back on breast milk that we know is dairy free, but I think we're going to start the Nutramigen when I get home from work today. 

I'm hoping that her disinterest in food for the last day or so is just because she was trying to work the dairy out of her system.  On top of her fussiness she had an absolute meltdown yesterday morning when I was trying to dress her - like reaching an octave that she's never hit before.  I can only guess that she didn't recognize me or my motherly smell because I put on a heavily fragranced lotion that I haven't used since she was born.  I stopped dressing her, put her in her bouncer and tried to pacify her until Brian came down.  She just glared at me like I was a complete stranger.  I know that I didn't do anything differently when I was getting her dressed from any other day, but again it was so odd. 

All in all I can just say that the weekend was frustrating for our little family.  I'm sure Olivia has it worst because she can't tell us what's wrong so we can fix it, but it's terribly helpless for us to sit and watch her be miserable.  I'm hoping that today is the start of a better week for all.

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  1. Hang in there. My granddaughter
    Abby (HLHS - age 3 1/2) had to be
    on Nutramigen, as did her older,
    heart-helathy sister. They are
    both doing very well, but it was
    really hard on my daughter, their
    Abby's YaYa