Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Golden Girl

HRH aka Olivia is sitting golden napping in her bouncy seat right now.  Today was a better day, she's eating more, fussing less and shhh there really hasn't been any blood to be seen.  Knock on wood would you please? 

Friday we have another appointment at Hope where I'm going to present my case in hopes of them moving up her Glenn date.  I think it's highly unlikely that it will happen, but so long as the doctors give me enough reasons and data to show me why they're comfortable waiting until 8/5 then I'll be satisfied. 

My fave little roll on Liv's thighs has a little tan's adorable she's got this little streak of white on each leg where sun doesn't shine because of her mini amount of pudge.  How stinkin cute!  She looks so cozy sleeping that I may try to catch a catnap before Brian gets home from work. 

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