Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Latest

So Liv and I went to the Norwood clinic at Hope yesterday like we have been doing every other Friday for quite some time now and the little girl is hip to what is going on.  She was all smiles in the waiting room hanging out in her carrier and even back in the exam room.  Her nurse thought it may not be a big deal to try the BP while she was still happy in her carrier but as soon as that cuff went on, Olivia completely lost her cool.  It became a screamfest no matter if I was holding her or not, didn't matter that I was trying to give her a bottle, and pacifier was spit out more times than I could count.  Even the stethoscope was an enemy yesterday which normally she just ignores. 
After the assessment OT came in to see where she's at with motor skills.  Suprisingly her fine motor skills like grabbing toys are better than her gross motor skills i.e. moving her head down to look at something on the floor - thus now creating some more homework for Brian and I.  Liv tolerated being on the exam table so long as the OT didn't touch her but as soon as she made contact with her little leg the baby alarm sounded and that was the rest of the visit.  She hung out with me and shot glaring looks at anyone who walked in after that.  As for her saturations which have been something I've been concerned with since her heart cath?  They were perfect - the little stinker was satting between 80-84, of course she does this while we'e at the hospital after I've said that they have been low at home for weeks now. 
Overall I voiced all of my concerns and the staff took them seriously.  Her weight gain has slowed down (frankly I'm shocked she gained any at all) - we are now at 11lb 14oz.  Due to the slow down in weight gain they want me to start formula fortifying my milk again so she gets more calories per ounce.  This may increase the blood in stool issue that we had before and we're going to play that one by ear.  There is talk of moving the Glenn up at least a week or so from the 8/5 date, and to finalize that, we need to go back this Friday for another quick check up.  At this point I'm just a puppet in the Olivia show, she's calling the shots regardless of the fact that she can't actually verbalize what's going on.

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  1. Aly was the same way between her Norwood and Glenn! Every cardiology appointment was torture. She would scream and cry. I'm sure you are nervous about the Glenn coming up but let me tell you.. life is completely different after it. It's so much less stressful and just normal. We're praying for guys and keeping you in our thoughts.
    heart hugs,