Monday, July 19, 2010

Isn't She Lovely?

Of course I'm biased and blindingly in love with my daughter and all that other totally partial stuff, but the picture of her that Brian took yesterday is my favorite to date.  It also helps that her ridiculously large grin is because Brian figured out if mimics the snorring pattern of the 3 Stooges that Olivia finds this to be the most hysterical thing that she's ever heard. 

Unfortunately this beautiful smile and great mood didn't last all day because we went back to trying the formula fortified breast milk.  Bottle 1 went down all right, she only took 2 oz but I didn't really worry about it because I figured she needed to get used to the new taste.  Bottle 2 while we were at dinner with Grandma & Grandpa went down even better, she took all 3.5 oz.  However, once we were in Babies R Us getting a few things, the whole situation got a little interesting.  First, she was fussing because she had a wet diaper, so I changed her, but as I was changing her, she started thrashing around which is never a good sign. 

I picked her up only for her to really belt out some high pitched crying and I could feel her tummy fairly hard against me.  I looked down at her and she was turning very Smurfy from forehead down to neck.  I went over to Brian to get some Mylicon from the diaper bag, which of course he was in the midst of exchanging and we had to root through an entire shopping bag full of stuff before we found it.  We dosed out the Mylicon, I gave it to her and put her pacifier in which lasted for about 30 seconds before I heard the trouble coming.  Oh yes, projectile vomit in the middle of the Babies R Us.  We had to improvise and strip the little lady down in the middle of the store and make sure that no one slipped in her puddle of formula (sorry for the image).  We hightailed it to the car and Grandpa took over as wheelman  so Brian and I could be in back with Olivia in case she had another episode.  Thankfully she seemed much happier since her tummy was rid of that formula and she was smiling by the time we made it back home. 

The fussiness wasn't quite gone though, even though we went back to regular milk again she had another melt down at 9 and again at 1 am.  We had to give her Tylenol which I hate to do because I don't want it to become ineffective for her when we need it for pain management after the Glenn, but she was exerting more calories than she has been taking so we needed to quiet her down.  This morning it seems that things are going well with her and Nonna and the doctors have already said that we should just leave things where we are right now and re-assess on Friday.  If all goes well tonight we'll be able to take a nap together, which if I haven't mentioned before when Olivia falls asleep on me that moment becomes one of the best moments of my entire life each and every time.  I love to feel her little heartbeat on me and take it all in.

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  1. Oh wow.. she is getting so big and that is the most adorable picture! Look at that big beautiful smile. :) I'm sorry about the eating issues and I understand. Aly had so many issues with eating too. It felt like next to nothing would stay down for her. Keeping you in our thoughts and prayers that things will get figured out with her poor little tummy. :(