Friday, August 27, 2010

5 Months Worth of Milestones

Today our little girl turned five months old and I spent all of 20 minutes with her while she was awake.  That makes me so sad and happy at the same time.  You see, last night was my first night away from Olivia since she was born (discounting the Ronald McDonald House/Hope situation).  I really had to go to a tradeshow in FL for work and I knew that Olivia and Brian would be fine here at home without me.  I thanked my lucky stars numerous times on this trip that both Brian and I felt comfortable enough with Olivia's current health that there was really no reason for me to not go on the trip.  As for my sleep while I was gone, I won't lie, I passed out as soon as my head hit the pillow, but I naturally woke up at 3 for her middle of the night bottle and then really couldn't go back to sleep.  So no dice on getting extra zzz's while I was gone, but Olivia did really well for Daddy and that made both of us happy.

As for other more important milestones that pertain specifically to Olivia, she is now taking 5 oz bottles a few times a day!  At this rate I wouldn't be surprised when we get to our cardio appointment on Friday if they tell us that she's on or near 14 lbs.  I swear she looks bigger to me tonight than she looked when I left yesterday morning.  Her cheeks are really filling out, there's a little bit more on her thighs and she's even got dimples around her wrists.  I would say that her personality is getting back to pre-Glenn, with the exception of mealtime.  That's a big deal these days and if she's ready to eat then we better have a bottle ready like NOW.  We are really looking forward to all of these normal day to day things and just getting into a routine without any imminent disruptions looming over us. 

Happy 5 Months Olivia - know that we celebrate you and our life together every day.  We love you so much

Mommy & Daddy

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  1. Happy 5 Months Miss Olivia! So glad to hear things are going so well. :)