Monday, August 16, 2010

Daddy Day Care

No I am not advertising for more children to be dropped off at my doorstep, 1 baby to care for is just plenty thank you very much. Olivia has had a very very interesting first week home from the Glenn. The whole family has been sleep deprived and cranky (mainly Olivia and I towards other people) but the last couple of nights show light at the end of the tunnel as she has started to hit the sack around 10pm instead of 2:30am. It would appear that her glenn-headache has gone away and we only really need to give her tylenol if she hurts her sternum (usually by coughing or sneezing). Needless to say it has taken some time but I think the 3 of us are starting to figure out her new routine, which is much different from her pre-Glenn routine.

Some other quick updates:
-Her eye boogies are gone! No more blocked tear ducts. Her right one went away a couple weeks ago but her left one remained. One day after the surgery she cried so hard and so long because she was in pain and that was the last time we saw the infamous "eye boogies". This is very exciting because those little goobers were getting on everything!
-Livvy is eating more. We are up to 4oz per feeding instead of the pre-glenn 3oz. Very exciting.
-The Livster is weighing in at 13lbs 1oz. She did not loose any weight in the hospital and was eating since they first gave her a bottle 12 hrs post-op. Let me tell you, absolutely nothing gets between this little chicky and her food.
-Her gas got a lot worse. With her chest being so sore, Olivia was not burping well, if at all for the first week. She had so much gas that it was unbearable for her. Mylicon was not working so Lisa did some research and wanted to try Gripe Water (she tells me its like baby ginger ale.... minus the fizz though). Since we started that she has been much more pleasant to be around (thank you!). And the good news is that she has started to burp after feeding now.
-Livvy's doctor's appointments are a lot less frequent now. That is exciting. Going every Friday was getting a little old.
-The munches meds have been tweaked. She is still on Reglan for reflux and digestion. She ditched the Digoxin, but has picked up Enalapril (blood pressure) and Lasix (makes her pee a lot). Her antacid also got changed and now she is on Prevacid for her heartburn. I find it ironic that she is on the same meds as my grandfather, well except for maybe the Lasix but you never know....good good good.

We are still on a month long post-glenn quarantine from crowds and other kids but we have been able to take her to see her grandparents, the local aunts & uncles, and we have a pending skype date with her Aunt Linda this week as well (now that she isn't as crabby Olivia doesn't mind being on camera.... she has to look good don't ya know.)

I am on FMLA until Sept 7th keeping this Daddy Day Care operational and making sure that SportsCenter is still broadcasting every morning. It is...


  1. Have you tried a swing for the Glenn headaches? The nurses at Children's in Boston swore by a swing post-Glenn.

    Hannah, Mom to Cora (HLHS, 8 months)

  2. Hey...I love daddy day care and our little ones did too. I think they just love to spend time with daddy instead of mommy sometimes. Enjoy your leave and the time you get to spend with many daddies don't get that opportunity!

  3. Glad to hear that Olivia's is starting to feel better. Those headaches are heartbreaking.. I felt so bad for Aly when she had those. The good news.. life just gets easier and easier after the Glenn. :) Enjoy your daddy and daughter time- I hope mommy is not too jealous. ;)