Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Sleep - What's That?

So Miss Olivia has now been home for about 36 hours and in that time I am sure that Brian has had no more than 10 hours of sleep.  It wouldn't be so bad if Olivia was just awake, but we're dealing with some trust issues (can't blame her), dealing with headache pain from the new circulation (again can't blame her) and trying to keep her fed enough when she doesn't have a big interest in eating. 

Our first night home was definitely rough, she cried - no really more like screamed for what seemed like forever.  I think ultimately Mommy & Daddy made a mistake by laying her horizontally which caused a headache and then all her subsequent crying had her sucking in lots of air to give her gas as well.  Yesterday we kept her in her bouncy seat virtually all day and night.  She slept more comfortably but we still needed to start giving her Tyelnol alternating with Baby Ibuprofen every 2 hours.  I took a feel of her Fontanelle (soft spot on the top of babies heads) and I could literally feel the pulse of blood there so you know there's a lot of pressure that needs to get re-adjusted. 

The eating department has been no great shakes either, but of course I am not a fan of eating when I don't feel well so I wouldn't expect my baby to feel any differently.  As I left this morning I checked on my little family and they had both been snoozing for about 3 hours which is our PR since we've been home.  The doctors told us to expect a rough period of adjustment for the first couple of weeks home and we're realistic about it.  I think the hardest part for us is trying to guess what's hurting her - her tummy or her head and then doing things to treat either appropriately.  She has developed a really nice high pitched scream that is comparable to nails on a chalkboard but ultimately the most important thing is that she's around to be making those screams for us.  I think Brian and I agree that we would rather be sleep deprived zombies for the near future than the alternative. 

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