Monday, August 9, 2010

No Place Like Home

WE ARE HOME!  Olivia's hospital stay was 96 hours from the time she left the OR until the time we got in the car to get out of Dodge.  It's simply amazing as to how resilient these little ones are, I can only imagine that were it me having a heart surgery I'd be laid up for at least a couple of weeks and in far worse spirits.  Olivia on the other hand is thriving.  She's eating much better than we expected, she isn't showing signs of being in much pain and her staturations are only improving.  Last night she was anywhere from 90-100%; up from low 70's prior to the Glenn. 

More profound for Brian and I is that we are two thirds of the way there with Olivia's surgeries.  We were so excited when we came home from the Norwood but the excitment only lasted a few weeks before we started talking timetables for the Glenn.  Now we're looking at at least one year of firsts.  1st Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas - you get where I'm going. 

There is no way for us to know so soon if we will need some intervention between the Glenn and Fontan but today's echo was "beautiful" to quote the Cardiologist.  The meds are a little different too - Olivia's now on Enalapril to lower her BP post-op but it should be short term same goes for the Lasix - they'll review in a couple of weeks.  She's still on Prevacid for reflux, Reglan to help with her digestion, Poly-Vitamins & Calcitriol.  Bye bye to Digoxin and Aspirin. 

Tonight Brian and I are exhausted and looking forward to sleeping in our bed again.  More importantly we only have two doctor's appointments in the next month!  We were loving and living life before, but it's definitely going to be a nice change of pace without another surgery looming over us for the foreseeable future.



    I am so happy for you and Olivia is an amazing little girl. 96 hours...wonderful!

  2. Olivia is a rock star. Now that we know that we're having a boy we can start planning on being future in-laws.