Saturday, August 7, 2010

Peace and Smiles

No, we haven't gone hippy on any of you yet.  Peace is referring to Olivia's current state.  She's off all IV meds, supplemental oxygen and the only pain reliever is by way of Tylenol.  She still has her chest tube in but that's supposed to be removed tomorrow with the idea that we will then be discharged on Monday as the medical staff wants 24 hours of observation after the tube comes out. 

Smiles refer to the first ones that we've seen from Olivia since before she went into the OR.  They really weren't even intended for Brian and I.  This really nice woman was in her room making sure all the supplies were stocked and happened to peer over at the Livster who was just hanging out.  A few minutes of talking to her and the little missy flashed her best smile.  It was so great to see.  Currently Daddy is sitting bedside holding her hand and playing on the IPad that's on loan from Grandma to keep us entertained. 

Things have been nice and quiet in the PICU today and our hope is that it continues throughout tonight. 

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