Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Pre-Surg Appointment

Brian began his FMLA for the Glenn on Friday and has already taken Liv to two doctor's appointments-poor guy! Both of us took her to Hope yesterday for the pre-surgical appointment with a little bit of hesitation as to what sort of fit the little missy would throw.  We were extremely surprised by how laid back she was for the entire process.  It certainly helps that we had two of the best nurses take the bloodwork - they got a vein on the first stick and it was all over within a minute or two.  Any parent who's taken their infant in for bloodwork knows how monumental that is to the whole exam process. We were fortunate that Olivia napped really well throughout the rest of the day and then slept her normal routine at night.

Assuming that all goes well with the bloodwork, we will get a call sometime tomorrow afternoon/early evening to tell us what time to show up on Thursday for the surgery.  The staff is still expecting that we should only be looking at 3-6 day stay or as some parents have referred to it "a drive-through" stay.  It seems totally mind boggling to me that she's going to have this invasive surgery and potentially be home with us a mere 72 hours later.  I'm not so wrapped up by the duration of the stay so long as she ultimately comes home with us because our home is wherever the three of us can be together. 


  1. Praying for Olivia and keeping you all in our thoughts this week.
    Heart hugs!!!