Friday, July 30, 2010

Blood Donations

Hi Family & Friends in the Chicagoland area that are interested in donating for the little Missy on her upcoming surgery.  You need to do a few things to qualify and donate specifically for her, I'm sorry I didn't get the info out sooner, I only know this stuff now because Grandpa ran into some roadblocks and gave me a heads up.

You need to call ahead to schedule the donation that will specifically be set aside for Olivia.  The blood has to be donated between Today and Monday due to Dr. Ilbawi's instructions.  Please be aware that some Lifesources in Chicago will not facilitate these specific donations so you need to outright ask if they can or they will when you're calling to set up the appointment. 

Also, you need to know her birthday - 3/27/10 as well as her full name, the date of surgery (8/5), that it's being performed at Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn and our home address.  If you do not have our home address please text Brian or I to get it from us. 

Olivia is A positive and can accept blood from either O or A (doesn't matter if you're positive or negative).  If you need to know specifics about whether or not you qualify as a blood donor please refer to the Lifesource website for donor eligibility information. 

That should be it for the specifics as it pertains to the donations.  Thank you all for the interest!

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