Thursday, August 5, 2010

Resting Easier

I'm writing this from Olivia's room-shh don't tell.  She's currently on a regular nasal cannula at a flow rate of 2, sats are anywhere from 77-81 and BP is 107/52.  That's all great news thus far.  Her blood sugar has been a little bit of a concern because it's high but that is a normal body response to the stress of surgery, so it's being managed with a dose of insulin.  Currently Olivia is resting peacefully, it was a little touch and go when we first came in her room.  She had that old lady smoker cry going again and her movements were very jerky as the sedatives were wearing off.  For me, it was pretty difficult because the sight of her in the crib with the chest tube and bandages was so dramatically different than the sight of her from our drive here this morning. 

Looks aside, we've been told that she's doing so well.  Even I see it already the blueness that we were starting to see on the bridge of her nose and in the corner of her eyes is gone.  Her breathing is a nice even pace and I can tell that she's comfortable - and her comfort is what I value above all else.  It's strange, I worried more about this surgery than the Norwood probably because I had more time on my hands and now that it's over, I feel much more relaxed than I did after the Norwood.  I'm trying to keep myself very much in check though and remain cautiously optimistic (my slogan).  Both Brian and I think along the same lines, our goal is that Olivia come home from this surgery - we don't care about the time table. 

I have a few truly amazing stories to tell as well from our experiences today with other heart families, but I'll save them for tomorrow.  Today we are sitting back with amazement at Olivia's resilience and all the wonderful momements we have had getting to this place in our lives.

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  1. I am so happy to read this update. It is amazing how resilient these little ones are. I was surprised at how much of a relief it was after the Glenn...much easier than the Norwood. Just you get a few years without worrying about another surgery. It is such a great feeling and there are times you will totally forget that Olivia has any heart problems at all.