Friday, August 6, 2010

So Far So Good

Thus far everything is going better than I expected.  Yes, Olivia is in pain, but it seems to be managed with a combo that's normal for these little ones.  I'm relieved in the sense that she hasn't built up a tolerance to any of these pain meds yet given that she was on them for quite a bit post-Norwood.  Dr. Ilbawi and staff rounded last night and said how great she did throughout surgery - which is always nice to hear.  Her blood pressure was a bit high yesterday post-op so they took her off the Dobutamine and replaced it with Milirinone.  She responded immediately and now its back in the 110/45 range.  Her heart rate is around 105 (sleeping), sats are at 87 and respiratory rate is in the 20's (unless she's awake and in pain then we've seen it as high as 50).

The chest tube isn't putting out much fluid, but it is still bloody, so our night nurse thought it will stay in another day.  After two rounds of Lasix, I'm not sure that Olivia has any more fluid to really give off since she responds so well to them. 

Today they will be rougher than yesterday in the sense that the medical team will not give her as much pain medicine as yesterday.  It's likely that she will be much crankier and we've already passed the 24 hour mark since her last bottle so I'm sure some of it will be hunger pains.  If all looks good and she's alert then we will be able to start feeds slowly today.  Hope all of you are having a good day today...this is definitely a good one for us.

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  1. I'm so glad things are going so well. Day 2 was the worst for Aly too. That's when she got a little swollen and had some headaches. But Day 3 was almost back to normal. It's unbelievable how quickly they bounce back. Keeping you all in our prayers!