Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Somewhere Out There

Cue the music, I am having a moment right out of American Tale.  I'm sitting alone in my hotel room far, far away from my sweet sweet baby and loving husband.  I know where they are but I'm still pretty bummed out that I'm not with them tonight or the next couple of nights.  I made sure to sleep with a burp cloth for Livvy the last few night so she would have something to snuggle with and smell me.  Each time I talk with Brian and my mom I make sure to tell them to pass along my hugs and kisses to the little one. 

As for that "little one"...yeah...about that - she's not so little anymore.  Friday's cardiology visit was great.  She's grown once more now hitting 26 1/4" and weighing in at a svelte 14lbs 3oz.  We've completely taken her off Reglan (digestive aid) and are going to see if she can do without Prevacid as well.  She's still on the Enalapril and one dose of Lasix for the last month which was a little bit of a bummer to us, but all things considered she's still doing better than either Brian and I expected this soon after the Glenn. 

We spent much of Labor Day weekend outside enjoying all of the fresh air.  It made a ginormous difference in Olivia's sleeping, just lots of napping and really sound sleep at night.  Can't say that we minded that little change.  Yesterday I spent a good portion of the day making baby food!!!  We went to a farm not far from our house and bought a bunch of fresh Michigan apples, an acorn squash and some sweet potatoes.  I cooked them all up and pureed them to the desired mush and then promptly froze all three batches in ice cube trays to start her out when I'm back home this weekend.  I think Brian and I are really looking forward to giving her something other than a bottle.  Olivia must be feeling the same way because I gave her a little bit of the apples and she gobbled them up as soon as I could load up the spoon. 

Well that's all I have from San Diego.  Missing the family and thinking about all the fun I hope to have this weekend when I'm back. 

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