Monday, October 4, 2010

Neither Here Nor There

Forgive me if the following reminds you a little of Dr. Seuss

I am neither here nor there
I find that I do not really belong anywhere
You see my baby's heart is broken
"There is a problem with her heart" were the worst words ever spoken

This road is hard and filled with pain
We would do three surgeries and hope they are not in vain
Along the way we have made all sorts of new friends
This road is long, trying, yet joyful I can only hope that it never ends

Six months later she is doing so well
We have at least one more surgery to go so only time will tell
So many times we hear of little ones that were lost along the way
There are no words to express our sorrow for those families, I never know what to say

Our baby is here and seems to grow strong
Each day there is a thought in the back of our minds wondering "Will something go wrong?"
We see those with healthy babies that go home from the start
You can't help but be envious, even if it's just one tiny little part

We can make all sorts of plans tomorrow
But things can change in an instant and instead you're filled with sorrow
I have learned to savor the moments with those I love
For tomorrow they may get the call from above

I am some of the old and partially new
If you've seen and heard what I have you would be too
For a person so small
She has changed it all


  1. LOVE IT! The last two lines brought tears to my eyes because it is so true for us too. :)

  2. Me too, me too! Loved it - and yep, the last 2 lines made me cry, too. :-(