Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Where are the birds?

When we moved into our current house a couple of years ago it was mid-July and the heat was sweltering so we sought shelter in the really nice A/C of our basement.  It was about 15 degrees cooler in the basement than we could get it in our bedroom without wiping out our monthly budget on a ridiculous electrical bill so we made a temporary room in the basement and moved up in the fall.  All was well until the first Saturday morning when we started to hear little chirps around 4am - by 5am it was like an entire flock of birds decided to have a coffee talk right outside our bedroom window.

Those pesky birds woke us up like clockwork every subsequent weekend at 5am until Brian got crafty and brought home some earplugs for us.  We used earplugs on and off the seasons as needed.  However that had to change once Olivia came home because our biggest fear has and always been that we wouldn't hear her if  she needed us.  So we've gone without our earplugs since April.  Just the other day we were talking and one of us said "What happened to the birds?".  Indeed, what has happened to those little pesky visitors? 

This past Saturday I woke up really early and sure enough there were those birds right outside our window like they've always been.  Apparently the new parent fatigue has a little bonus...while we can jump out of bed even hearing a little whimper over the monitor our new parent hearing drowns out all the sounds that don't matter like our coffee talking birds. 

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  1. That's too funny! I also noticed when we brought Aly home that I have acquired the new ability to fall asleep in under 2 seconds. My husband used to laugh because he could not believe I could fall asleep so quickly. Ahhh the things we learn to do as first time parents. :)