Saturday, November 27, 2010

8 Months Old

Olivia today you are 8 months old and my have times changed.  You're sitting up all on your own and have been for weeks.  You love to be standing now with Mommy or Daddy's help.  We recently put you in a big girl carseat and you love it!  The car is no longer the enemy - although you still hate sitting still at a red light, don't blame you there.  You're really starting to talk/babble a whole lot more, I can't wait for Miss Sue from PT to see how you've changed over the past two weeks. 

Daddy and I took you back to Hope on Wednesday to see Dr. Cuneo on the anniversary of your HLHS diagnosis.  She rarely gets to see babies after they're born and was so pleased to see you growing and healthy.  All your doctors and nurses could hardly believe their eyes.  Then we stopped over at the Ronald McDonald house to say Hi to the staff that was so good for us while you were in for the Norwood; they too couldn't believe how much you've grown. 

This holiday weekend we've spent a lot of time with family and letting everyone take the chance to get to know you.  We're really careful about the handwashing and anti-bacterial gel, but we want you to go to people without being afraid of others besides Mommy, Daddy, Grandma and Nonna.  Great Grandma and Grandpa are in right now too and you've been enjoying them since they last saw you at your Christening in May.  We've just been busy making memories for your holiday season, of course you'll have to be told all the stories while you study the thousands of pictures that everyone has taken of you.  We love you sweet baby girl. 

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