Monday, December 13, 2010

All Olivia Wants for Christmas...


There are two little razor blades that are making their way through my little gf's bottom gums.  I am trying to soak up the last of the gummy grins and will be sort of sad when they're gone. 

This weekend we went to the 2nd Birthday of the RMCH at Hope, we even got to get pictures with Santa after all.  We had originally decided that pictures with Santa were not worth the hassle or danger of going to the mall to be around all the potential flu factors.  Luckily Brian had the camera ready as soon as I threw gently placed Olivia on Santa's lap.  The first pic has her startled face and the second captures the screaming fit as it starts.  So another milestone down!

Mommy had a milestone too - I went back to the gym for the 1st time as in 13 months!  I had originally tried to keep working out during my pregnancy but after the HLHS dx, doctors recommended that I rest as much as possible to conserve calories so that Olivia would hopefully benefit.  Thank goodness I didn't become a complete slug or she might have been 10+ lbs.  Shockingly the gym wasn't as tough as I thought it would be, my abs are sore, but it's a "good hurt" and it was really nice to blow off some steam while chugging along on the elliptical. 

I know one of our heart friends are making their New Year's resolution to get healthier and I thought it was a good plan for us as well. 

Tonight I struggle with feeling a bit like Stretch Armstrong - pulled pretty far in all directions.  I have some supreme deadlines at the office, a potential work trip tomorrow pending weather,  Olivia had PT today, she was fussy while I was trying to make dinner, I need to wrap gifts and get some much needed laundry done.  She does keep things in perspective though, hard to really prioritize when she's now starting to reach out for us and give "kisses".  It's sort of a slobbery little mess on my cheek but I give her a kiss when I get home and then she returns the favor.  Life doesn't get much better than that.

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