Monday, December 6, 2010

A Well Baby Checkup?

Yep, we had a well baby checkup for Miss Olivia today.  Her 8month/9month checkup, we've always been off the regular schedule so I'm not sure which is a standard visit for babies, but either way, she had hers.  When I received the confirmation phone call for the appointment last week they said they would pair her Synagis for Dec with this visit as well and she also needed a Hepatitis B vaccine.  I didn't think much of it until we were in the office and the nurse started throwing out all the other things we were supposed to have this visit. 

Here's the good:
Olivia's weighing in at 18lbs 5oz, she's 28" long and her head is pretty much off the charts for her age - haha...the doctor is currently not worried about the shape despite me bringing it up twice now in our last few visits nonetheless he took a few more measurements and said he would check it again in another month.

The bad:
Missy was due to get her last Hep B vaccination, Meningitis & Tetanus with whooping cough-oh and a blood draw to check iron levels -Yuck, Bleh, Bah Humbug!
Whooping Cough cases are in the area and anyone who has a baby with a CHD or other medically fragile baby knows that Whooping Cough is bad for a baby without medical complications - throw in something additional like a CHD and it can be fatal.  When I told the doctor I was not keen on 6 sticks for one visit he said that definitely put off the Hep B, wasn't crazy about holding off on Meningitis but was adament on Tetanus.  I agree, I thought of all of the things that we had on the to-do list, getting protection from Whooping Cough as the most important.  Too bad it also has the most adverse reaction from the kiddos. 

She took it in pure Olivia fashion, now busting out her new ear piercing scream and calming down as soon as she was tucked back in her stroller.  She's hanging out with me right now in her bouncer alternating between whining and babbling.  I'm giggling a little bit that tonight's Brian's night to be up with her...but of course am here if she they need me.  For now, I'm going to soothe my little stressed out Mommy nerves and eat some yummy Pumpkin ice cream while Daddy's off bowling with the guys.


  1. Pumpkin ice cream? Where do you get this little bit of heaven from? :)

  2. The well baby shots are so hard...on us and on them. I am glad you decided against 6 shots...that seems like an awful lot to me too. Enjoy your pumpkin ice cream!

  3. The pumpkin ice cream was amazing!!! It's from Trader Joe's; their brand for the holidays under the name Pilgrim Joe's Pumpkin Ice creamy and rich. YUM