Wednesday, December 1, 2010

When was the last time...

That you did something for a perfect stranger?  I try to hold open doors for the elderly, moms with babies/strollers, saying "thank you" to the staff at a restaurant or the ticket agent at an airport; but I never really go out of my way-sad, but pretty true.

Yesterday I was on my way home from work and I saw an older man who was stopped on the side of the road outside his car on a busy road without a shoulder.  I pulled up next to him and asked if he needed any help.  He explained that his car had run out of gas and that his son was walking down the road to try and get some gas.  I wasn't too far from home and knew that there was a gas station only about 1/2 mile away so I said that I would try to get his son and take him over to the gas station and then bring him back with gas.  It was the first really cold day we had up here, the wind was blowing enough to make your eyes water.  The man offered to pay me to get his son and bring him back so he wouldn't have to walk in the cold.  I told him it was fine, no money necessary, I'd get his son and be back in a few.  That man's eyes started to water and he couldn't talk anymore but just waved at me as I drove away.  I found his son, he'd been picked up by someone else along the way and I made sure she was going to give him a ride back before I continued on home. 

Such a small thing, that trip would have taken me about five extra minutes to get home, but it was a really big deal to that man.  I felt really good and bad all at once.  I'm usually that person that sees people stuck on the side of the road and think "I'm sure someone else is going to help" or "I have to be somewhere and can't be late". I remember coming home from a business trip early last year before I was pregnant, arms full of  paperwork and carrying my bags when I fell in the middle of the terminal and my stuff flew everywhere and I flew out of my heels (comical sight I assure you).  The terminal was fairly busy and people just walked around me and over my stuff.  I had really hurt one of my knees and ankles and everyone just kept on going.  I limped the rest of the way to my car and sort of grumbled about how unfriendly could be.  Now I sort of realize that I was bordering on being one of those observers rather than a helper.  Today was pay it forward day...what did you do to help out another?

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  1. Ok, FIRST OF ALL, I cannot stop laughing at your little turkey picture. That is the cutest funniest picture ever. Absolutely love it. I love how she has her little hands clasped together.
    I know exactly what you mean- You mean well, but most of the time, keep right on going. I am exactly the same way. It's just taking that extra step out of your comfort zone to do something for someone else. Good for you. My goal today is follow suit and go out of my way for someone. Thanks for the inspiration. :)