Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Grown Up Christmas Wish

Every time I hear Kelly Clarkson's version of my Grown Up Christmas List, I am always moved to the point where I need to take a second and catch my breath. 

This year, with Olivia, everything is different and I know in that sense I am no different than any first time mother.  I am sure that there are more similarities than differences.  But when I sit back and read old entries or cruise down memory lane through the literally hundreds of pictures that we've taken of her over the last 9 months - I am literally put into a different mindset entirely.  Olivia's case of HLHS along with all of her little peers that were born at the same time at Hope continue to do excellent and exceed the norms for these heart babes...for that - I thank my lucky stars. 

So while people are at the malls for some crazed last minute Christmas shopping and cursing their procrastination or the sketchy driving skills of others out on the road; do try to take a step back and take a moment and think of how fortunate you are.  Pause and think of those that may not have any friends or family to be in such craze over the "perfect gift", that they will be celebrating the holiday alone.  Those that have recently lost or are going to lose a family member and celebrate the first holiday in a new light full of loss.  Then the one that stikes the closest to home for me, the families that are going to see their little ones in the hospital unsure of whether or not they will ever get home or if there will be tomorrow, much less another Christmas together.  So my grown up Christmas wish for this year is that you/me/we try to think of someone out of the ordinary and think about how you could do one small thing to make their Christmas or this holiday season a little better. 

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  1. Wonderful post and wish. I know we have been lucky and Hope has not spent any holiday in the hospital. We are bringing bags to the PICU when she has her next appointment. I remember a mom did the same thing when we were there and I loved it. Pay it forward!