Monday, December 27, 2010

9 Months In & 9 Months Out

Although I still maintain that pregnancy is more like 10 months long - today does indeed commerate Olivia's 9 Month Birthday.  In these short 9 months we have lived and celebrated so much: two surgeries, one cath, two teeth (maybe more), sitting up, first Halloween, Thanksgiving and my ultimate favorite Christmas. 

I will first commend both sets of grandparents for keeping the spoiling to useful and fun items that Olivia will get much use out of for the coming months and years.  I know they struggled to keep it relatively calm and appreciate their restraint.  I could have not wished for better Christmas behavior from Livvy.  She took all the carting from one Grandparents house to the other in stride and didn't even really let her nap schedule get off track which was so nice for her sleep deprived parents - we considered it a Christmas bonus. 

We have lots of pictures (to come shortly) to mark the occasion and I feel like words don't do it justice as to what a gift we all considered marking Olivia's first Christmas with her.  She is our Christmas miracle.