Thursday, June 9, 2011

Happy Birthday Nonna!

Happy Birthday to my Mom!

Sure her big day was a little less than ideal suffering from a small cold, or the monsoons that hit our area or maybe that she spent part of her birthday at the doctor for a physical (she claims her daughter and grandaughter don't give here enough time off-just kidding). Either way I know that she will show up bright and early tomorrow ready to rock with Liv because she's so reliable that way. In the past 18 monthish she has been to more doctors appointments with me than probably all of her life before then, visited the hospital daily to see Liv and I and been as supportive as I could have ever asked or expected.

She's like the Energizer bunny when she sees disorganization; I believe it physically pains her to see my clothes untidy or strewn about my bedroom. When Olivia is occupying herself or down for a nap Mom tidies up wherever she can bring order-many times leaving the house better than it was when I last saw it. All of her efforts just allow Brian and I to spend more hands on time with Olivia after work which is such a gift in itself.

As my sister and I have grown our mom has sort of assumed the role of personal cheerleader-sometimes to an embarassing extent! Oh and dont get her started on Precious (aka Olivia)-I'm quite certain that she enjoys being grandmother more than she enjoyed her own daughters at the same age...can't say I blame here all of the cuteness and she still gets full nights of sleep. Despite the occasional reminder needing to be given that I am fully capable of multi-tasking and taking care of baby, stroller, and diaper bag on excursions I couldn't be more blessed to have my mom in my life.
I love you...Happy Birthday!

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