Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Keeping Us on Our Toes

That's Olivia for you - she likes to make sure that not only are you paying attention to her, but that you're ready to jump in and save her from whatever danger she likes to find.

Saturday's adventure was somehow gagging herself on our way to breakfast.  I'm still not sure if she found a stray cheerio somewhere in the depths and darkness of the car seat folds (ew) and popped it in her mouth or if she was gnawing on her own hand to ease the pain of teething and just triggered the heaving reaction.  Either way, as I'm going down the busiest road in our area I hear this gagging sound to find her really struggling to clear her airway.  I immediately pulled over into a turn lane and threw on the hazards to see what the little lady had gotten herself into.  Crisis averted, we continued on our journey to Cracker Barrel for breakfast where she preceded on eating an entire order of hashbrown casserole all on her own.  Just for good measure in the event that we decided not to feed her on Sunday she also took down the majority of a grilled cheese and a healthy helping of mashed potatoes at Nonna's birthday dinner on Saturday night.  I never imagined ordering off the children's menu for my 14 month old, but I was getting to the point where I don't get to eat enough at meals because it's all going in the little birdie's mouth.  (Yes, that in itself could be considered a diet, but I'd like to at least enjoy some of what I order!)

Ooops - I failed to mention in the above that she did start taking a few steps on Saturday either walking from me to Brian or vice versa but only for a few steps and never making the return trip to the other.  She will just slowly sit herself down and give you a look like "I'm done now -thankyouverymuch".  No amount of coaxing or waving her favorite toys around will get her back on her feet when she sets her mind that it's just not going to happen again.  Whatever - we knew she was steady enough and she can do it, it's just when she WANTS to do it.

Sunday's adventure was a bit scarier.  We were eating dinner and Olivia decided she wanted what we were eating so I gave her a little portion of the sauteed spinach that I made and some rotisserie chicken that was store bought.  It was fresh spinach cooked in olive oil and mixed with fresh garlic and red pepper flakes with a little lemon juice over it while it was still warm. Deeelish and she thought so too.  But then as I was clearing a few plates Brian called me over to look at her face and she started getting hives all around her lips that were almost like blisters.  Worse - she was sort of slumped over in the highchair with a glazed look and completely silent which is definitely not the norm these days.  I pulled her out of the highchair and hightailed it to the sink trying to rouse some noise out of her and nothing.  Then we sat there and scrubbed her hands and face with the faucet running much to her delight.  Immediately there were giggles about the running water and she was mad when I took her away to dry her off.  The redness started to dissipate almost instantly but I still held her in my arms and offered her a bottle to see how she was feeling overall.  6oz and a few burps later she was on the go once again.  I can only assume that the red pepper flakes that were in the spinach irritated her delicate skin; as it wasn't the first time she'd had the meal - BUT was the first time she fed it to herself and it was less than dainty.

Pretty sure those few little stories are just the tip of the iceburg of what's still in store however I do feel my life expectancy getting a little shorter after a near miss like those above.

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