Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Independent Girl

While there's still only a few words that Miss Liv makes out for us like "MomMom, Bob, and yah" She definitely has a way of getting her point across anyway.  She sticks her little index finger out and points at exactly what she wants.  If you are somehow foolish (tongue in cheek) not to understand which particular item out of the 20 in the general vicinity of that little finger - she will grunt at you until you get exactly what she wants.  Last night's need was a banana on the kitchen counter, she was beside herself during dinner at the thought of being in her highchair and just overly exhausted from a single nap day with Nonna.  But then once she realized she wasn't going to get sprung she decided to point for the banana and I make sure to tell her the word as I was giving it to her in hopes of one day it'll click and she'll just ask for it by name.  In the meantime it did the trick because 2/3 of a banana later, happy giggly Miss Olivia ate her chicken and black bean chili as well as some steamed carrots and peas.

She is playing better on her own these days, of course still liking to make sure that she has someone paying attention to her playing by herself - but she doesn't need to be played with to keep busy.  While I was getting ready one day over the weekend she came into the bathroom with me and flipped through a magazine telling herself a story full of "ohs and yeah yeah yeahs".  Speaking of her story telling - she's much more verbal than she was say 3-4 months ago and it shows when we go to restaurants.  She's got something to say the entire time, unfortunately she doesn't come with volume control so that's the latest battle; trying to keep her entertained and relatively quiet so as not to ruin the experience for everyone else.

Sleeping has been going great and even though she flirted with the single nap a day for a few weeks, the latest round of teeth is kicking her tushy and she's gone back to two naps most days.  She is measuring on or around 31" long and probably stalled out around 25 lbs given that she's putting most of that weight into lengthening out.  The walking thing is still sort of a battle, she can take steps and she's pretty stable but in true Olivia fashion, she'll get to it when she decides it's a priority - which right now clearly it's not.  That's my girl, she does everything when and how she wants it done; much to my dismay.  Yes, I realize this is slightly hypocritical given that's how I roll, but ugh, the exhaustion from battles that I know we're going to fight in the future already make me want to go to bed and hide under the covers for what's to come.

Heart update?  Nothing to speak of, still on 1/2 a baby aspirin a day and .5ml of Enalapril 2x per day.  The pulse ox is collecting dust in one of her drawers and I intend to leave it there unless we're really desperate to get a read on an off day.  Most days I only think of her special heart at night changing her into pjs and looking at her sweet little chest railroaded with scars.  Thankfully most other moments of the day are filled with exasperation over my super headstrong almost 15 month old and just general joy that a parent gets from watching that beautiful face break into the best smile and listening to that big belly laugh she gives.  How amazing

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