Friday, July 1, 2011

15 Month Check Up with the Ped

I can only hope that next week's cardiology appointment brings as much good news as yesterday's pediatrician appointment did.

Liv's stats:

  • 32" Long
  • 23lbs 12oz
  • Head growth has tapered off slightly and is now only in the 90th percentile - sorry Tia Linda you may not see Liv as Miss Potato Head
  • Oh yes - Olivia screamed and howled from the minute the nurse took her temp until we left the entire pediatric office (approximately a half an hour) time I'm bringing ear plugs
The doctor felt she's growing well enough that we should really move her down to 2% milk by next month and even try to cut back a few ounces per day once we do that to see if her intake of solids increases.  I don't know how that would even be possible that she eat more solids than she is right now, but we'll give it a try and see how it goes.  We have had mild sippy cup success in the last few days - right now the winners are the model with the straw built into the cup.  It seems like it takes a lot of effort to get anything out, but she likes it so that's all that matters.  

Other than that and a couple of new pictures stay tuned from pics of the Fourth and an update next week from the cardiology appointment.  

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