Monday, July 25, 2011

Jealous Much?

Olivia met her newest cousin Jacob yesterday who's currently weighing in around 6lbs and change at 3 weeks old.  Originally I was holding the little guy - who seriously doesn't weigh more than a kitten at the moment and Olivia managed to squirm out of her Nonno's (my dad) lap and walk - yes WALK over to me.  She then planted herself right in front of me basically locked in a stare with me as if to say "Ummm hello Mommy, I am your baby, please put that thing down and pick me up".  Yes, she said all that with her little glare of attitude.  When I didn't heed it, she basically tried to push Jacob out of my arms.  Sitting her on one leg while I held him with my opposite arm did little to appease her, she still didn't like that little guy in her Mommy's arms.  My takeaway- I MATTER to Olivia!  Seriously, I am used to being the bottom of her fave people list simply because I am the disciplinarian and the path of most resistance for her Imperial Majesty so she tends to gravitate to the softies because she's a Class A Manipulator at her ripe old age of almost 16 months.  So while it was a little disconcerting to see how she's reacting to other little peeps, I did feel some serious Livvy love.

Today - I am however green with envy of my mom.  I'm now in Tulsa, OK and while I was getting ready to leave the office I got a text from Nonna telling me that Olivia ventured from the kitchen into the family room all by herself - her longest solo trip yet.  Yes, I was there for her first steps, but she's getting more courageous every day and by the time I get home Thursday afternoon I'm sure she'll be ready to do a 5k (I'm only mildly kidding here).  She doesn't do anything halfway, last night even learning to climb up on the couch at the motivation of getting some of my amazing chocolate milk.  So, with my overwhelming mommy guilt, I'm hanging out here telling anyone who will listen about the feats that my girl is accomplishing while I'm away and sucking up the downsides to being a full time working mom.  About the only comfort I have is that it was my mom who got to experience the moment and if it couldn't be me, she's the person I prefer to get that moment of joy next seeing as how she spends more time with Olivia than anyone else.  Even more than her own parents since we only get a few hours with her at night before bed.  So yay for Nonna, boo for Mommy (oh yes, and Daddy too).

Who knows, she'll probably be reading by Thursday.  I'm off to drown my sorrows in potentially some online retail therapy :)

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