Friday, August 5, 2011

The Game Changer - Glenniversary

Today's just another milestone and anniversary in Olivia's journey but to our family, it's extra special.  This morning marks the one year anniversary of Olivia's Glenn surgery.  She went in to this surgery in pretty sad shape, leading up to the surgery sleeping through feedings and needing to be woken up. She was regularly turning pretty blue without doing anything but lay there and of course that dreaded GI bleeding.  Olivia was in congestive heart failure as most babies get to during this "interphase" period between the Norwood and Glenn.  The last weeks leading up to the Glenn it was a struggle to get 8oz of weight on her in 6 weeks - not good at all.

So around 2am last year I woke up with her to give her her last bottle pre-op and then again some Pedialyte around 6 or 7.  Just as I was about to give her that bottle, the hospital called and asked if we could come in earlier.  They had shifted the schedule around and wanted to take Liv in earlier.  I think I was just happy to be getting it over with so we were at the hospital a little over an hour later.  Olivia must have sensed that today was a big day because she was up at 2am and wanted to play and I sat there with her in the glider for a little bit thinking how different things have looked in the last year.

She went in looking pretty sad and came out a few hours later so pink all over.  The four day stay for us was a breeze but in the meantime there were so many other catastrophic things that happened to the families around us that August 6th still haunts me recalling all the code blues for the PICU, PSHU and other pediatric areas - 5 in one day.  The night before discharge we actually saw her sat at 100% for a few minutes and to this day she can and will sat in the low 90's.  In the first 10 days after the Glenn Miss Liv packed on an entire pound (and it was in chub not excess fluid) - her trademark cheeks and rubber band wrists made their appearance and we began to really live life.  I try not to look back too often because I don't want to lose sight of what's going on in the now, but days like today make me ever more appreciative of that little girl and the miracles of modern technology.

So for now I'm gonna be an emotional Mama so deeply thankful that the Glenn was a game changer that has really allowed Olivia to blossom into the beautiful little girl that now walks up to me when I get home from work and gives me a smooch - the first time that happened was one of the best moments of my life.


  1. Happy Glenniversary. It is such a special day for all of us. Olivia is an amazing little princess. I hope you are doing something extra special for her today.

  2. OhMyWord! I've been reading blogs through Google Reader so it's been a long time since I've been to your actual blog. That photo of Olivia in your header pic is GORGEOUS! I can't believe how big she is!!!

    Also just wanted to mention we bought that pack n' play mattress from Amazon: