Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Leaving on a Jetplane - Again

Greetings from Midway Airport this morning
  I'm currently waiting for my flight out to Providence, RI for a work trip and am not happy about it in the least.  This morning as I was walking down the long empty hallway to my gate it felt like a breakup scene out of a movie and the viewer can and should be crying.  I am growing to despise leaving Liv.  Work has been crazy busy as of late for both Brian and I; not unusual to find either one or both of us working on weekends or late into the night.  In the meantime the other just takes extra time and care to spend time with the Livster but this Mama is feeling stretched really thin.  Darn - too bad I can't literally get stretched thin, I bet that would be a great money making scheme.

Besides my pity party this morning, Olivia has a new form of currency and they come in the form of Cheese-It's. She loves those little crackers, can't get enough of them and thus they are a huge motivator to basically bribe her into doing something that she really wouldn't otherwise do without a huge fuss.  On one hand I feel bad bribing her, on the other hand, sometimes keeping the peace is worth it and while I wish it would be a piece or fruit or something a little healthier, I can get the all natural crackers to at least make it a little healthier.  You can even ask her now when she's pointing in the general vicinity of the canister with said loot and ask if she wants a Cheese It to which you'll get a "Yeah!".  It's ridiculously adorable and just something she started doing this past week.

On the walking front, she took off like a bull with gas and now has sputtered out.  It's like knowing she can do it is enough and more often than not now, she just clings onto our shorts and puts her arms up like "Com'on people throw me a bone, you haven't seen me all day for cry eye".  Yes, that is very specific and I'm sure it's very close to what's going on in that little mind.  So that's that, stay tuned from more out of me assuming I have some down time on this trip or am feeling particularly blue like this morning.

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