Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Early Intervention 1 Year Assessment

I cannot believe it's already been a year since Miss Liv was evaluated by Early Intervention just as she was coming off restrictions from the Glenn.  Not only has the year gone by, but it's like we were talking about a completely different child.  Back then she was almost six months old and really placing around a 3 month old with low muscle tone and numerous other delays because of all the restrictions on physical activity between the Norwood and Glenn recoveries.

Now, with the exception of speech, she's right where she needs to be.  The screeching that I might have mentioned once or twice (read:numerous) is being attributed to frustration that we aren't understanding what Olivia needs and wants.  Both the PT and Developmental Therapist think that at the very least we should have her evaluated for Speech just to see if there's maybe tips and tools that can be suggested to further Liv along.  While her grandparents are really looking forward to hearing everything on her mind, I'm quite certain that I can wait just a teensy bit longer on that particular area.  Even nicer, the care team thought it would be worthwhile to have both Grandmas meet with the Speech Therapist too since they have Olivia during the week while Brian and I are at work and in all fairness spend as much if not more time with her than we do (sad to say).

Still no word from cardiology, I am not expecting to hear anything until at least Thursday at the earliest and would actually take a timely contact from them as a bad sign that they feel things are more critical than the original explanation.

On another note - it's about flu season time.  My office is giving out free shots at the end of this month and I know the grandparents are on the ball as well.  I've got to get in touch with the Peds office to see when they want to start Synagis and I dread that whole experience once again.  We're going to take the same stance that we did last year with Olivia which is only having those adults around her that have had the flu shot and trying to avoid all school age kids entirely for the duration of flu season as an additional caution.

Tell me heart families - did your kiddos get the flu shot in addition to the Synagis shots?  Or did you forgo the one extra stick since they get a monthly booster?

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