Thursday, September 15, 2011

MIA Doctors and My Daughter the Foodie

I am striking out with the medical professionals this week and it's kind of annoying.  Now I will admit I'm one of the most impatient people ever to walk the earth but I just want to get in touch with someone that knows Liv's history at the peds and get things rolling there to see if we need to plan Synagis.  Then I want to hear back from our peeps at Hope to see what's shaking over there - to cath or not to cath is the question and in my mind that's a biggie seeing as how we're rolling into cold/flu season.  I really don't want to mess with a good thing that we've got going here if at all possible.

I did text back and forth with one of our nurse practitioners in the wee hours of the night last night - we're talking like two hours past my bedtime and 3+ hours for Olivia.  She said our primary cardiologist was out of town - news to me.  She would look to see if there were any notes on the chart from the echo last week - there better be if nothing else to say SEDATED ECHO FAILURE.  It's cool I'm not bitter.  I sent her a pic of Liv from last night's dinner at Chipotle and she couldn't get over how big and beautiful Olivia is; enter modest Mom, I agreed hands down.

In food news - we have successfully made our daughter a foodie.  While this is great and she eats all sorts of food under the sun, the diva wants a different breakfast, lunch and dinner all week long!!!  You start giving her a repeat and by Thursday or Friday she's just not digging mealtime.  I mean, seriously?  So now #1 priority on Mama's list for this weekend is to come up with at the very minimum a two week schedule of meals for my up and coming food critic.  Gone are the days where I could designate a Sunday to making at least a month's worth of four or five different meals for freezing.  Yes, I feel bad for myself on this one but I do love that Olivia's dinner last night from Chipotle consisted of: rice, black beans, a chicken quesadilla and then she washed it all down with 7oz of chocolate milk.  If you've got meal suggestions for the toddler age group - I'm all ears.

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