Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Happy 18 Month Birthday!

One and a half years old - seriously?

Yep, on the bad days filled with a cranky teething monster, you can definitely envision that she's been around for an entire year and a half and really then it feels like five years because those are the longest of days.  But on the many, many good days, I cannot believe that it's only been eighteen months (really twenty-eightish months if you count the cooking time).  This little turkey has such a way about her and more attitude per square inch than I've ever seen, yeah yeah myself included in that thankyouverymuch.

Some of the latest and greatest:

  • Going up and down stairs unassisted of course under the watchful eye of at least one adult if not two just to celebrate and clap at the top or bottom with Liv who's oh so proud of her accomplishment
  • Unraveling the toilet paper rollls, a new fave and relatively harmless
  • "Helping with Laundry" - aka taking perfectly folded stacks of laundry, knocking them to the floor and making sure to unfold every last item
  • Juice - just in the last week we've seen some interest in juice for the first time
  • Hugs and kisses - they are given out on request and even freely if Liv is feeling generous enough
  • Talking - definitely more of it going on, just not always sure what's being said
It's been a wild ride thus far and Olivia's always got little tricks up her sleeves to throw out when she thinks you've let your guard down.  For all I know she's keeping her own blog out there to chronicle her spin on the day to day.  

Olivia, I cannot say find the words to say what a positive impact you've had on me and the way that I look at the world now.  Just know that if I had to do the previous eighteen months all over, I'd do it again and again because I love you that much.  Happy Birthday Sweet LITTLE Girl - you will always be my baby but you're definitely your own person.

Now, can we talk about this waking up at 6 am business on the weekends?  

Love Always,

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