Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Get It Together People

By "people" I mean those of the white coat variety-specifically, the cardiology care team.  Yesterday, I heard from our fave nurse practitioner at the hospital - she texts and I love that.  I had hit her up last week to check on whether or not our Cardiologist had reviewed Liv's echo from the fiasco a few weeks back and she said she'd get back to me.  Finally yesterday I heard from her and she said that the echo looked great, unchanged from the last one in early February, function was good and while the LPA is small, there's no gradient so they are very pleased with her.  I asked about the cath of which we were most certainly told to expect and she said no cath.

So here's where I become cautiously optimistic once again in this journey.  The no cath news is what I wanted to hear after the echo was done; when I didn't get that news, I processed and moved on down the road.  Now, I'm hearing no cath and I want to make sure that's the right call.  Two cardiologists on the same team at the same hospital have two very different opinions.  So I think to muddy the waters further I'm going to ask one of our fave doctors review the latest and prior echos and tell us what he thinks we should do with a plan of action.  It's weird, I didn't want cath and now I'm pushing to make sure we don't need one knowing inevitably we may end up taking Livster in sooner rather than later. I'm a bit frustrated about it all, but then you pair that with Liv's early morning rising for the last four days (5:30 or earlier! + teething + fever) and yeah...I can see why my dad advised me not to call for a few days. :)  Good old Dad!  Yes - if you're reading these, you are my senior; thereby Old & Wise...but mostly Old.

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