Monday, September 19, 2011

I Had No Idea...

...when I set my my mind to creating a weekly menu that included breakfast, lunch and dinner for Olivia to correlate with dinner and enough leftovers for lunch throughout the week that it was going to take literally 45 minutes of planning, recipe searching, grocery list making and racking my brain for ideas.  Originally my plan was to make a two week planner and then hit all the stores - but I threw in the towel after I got week one accomplished.  

On the menu for the week:
  • Breakfast consist of one of the following daily: yogurt with fruit & granola, whole grain bread with nutella & bananas, fruit & yogurt smoothie, 1/2 muffin or veggie omelet
  • Lunches are one of the following: grilled cheese & apple slices, chicken quesadilla, lentils, pasta with ground turkey and sauteed veggies or mac n cheese
  • Dinners (I really tried to use whatever the adults were eating) but there's a few unique to Liv: like Sweet Potato, Yukon Gold and Butternut Squash mashed with a little bit of heavy cream, butter and mixed with some cinnamon, brown sugar and nutmeg - I call it Thanksgiving in a Bowl
This way, it keeps our whole Olivia team on the same page as to what to feed her since she's getting sort of bored with the norms in her menu.  I can also say that she gets about 75% homemade food, and highlights that we really need to focus on getting more veggies in her.  My baby & toddler cookbook from Williams Sonoma actually has a few dip recipes that I may try to help her with self feeding and hopefully get her to take in some veggies along the way.  So that's that, depending on how week 1 goes, I may have to get more or less creative with Week 2.  All I know is the fridge is full of stuff begging to be cooked and the ice cube trays are jammed with food I made yesterday so it's going to be quite the week.  

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  1. Wow, that sounds great! You know, I always do meal and recipe planning for the whole family (the kids just eat whatever we eat, but in smaller quantities) on a weekly basis. Once you get used to doing it, it'll go a lot quicker! I can now get the menus and grocery list done for an entire week in less than 15 minutes! Good luck!!!