Thursday, October 27, 2011

Adios Chupon!

I think, I really think the days of the pacifier are behind Olivia.  I had this idea that we were going to pull it at 18 months and then when it rolled around she was teething horribly, miserable so I did what any selfish self-centered parent desperate for a few hours of peaceful sleep would do.  I caved and said, eh when she's done with this phase we'll pull it; but not really believing it as I said it.

Yesterday Olivia was bouncing up and down on the couch under the watchful eye of her Nonna when she lost her chupon.  When she peered around to find it, my mom stealthly reached in and grabbed it before the little missy even noticed it.  Coming up empty handed Olivia shrugged her shoulders and raised her hands as if to say "It's gone".  She did it a few times last night and looked for her little burp cloth to cuddle with and bedtime was a chore and a half.  Last night as I was laying there listening to her rustle and be upset that she didn't have that little crutch to comfort herself with I felt the tears burning.  It made me so incredibly sad that I won't see that cute little face sitting in her crib waiting for me in the morning with hair all askew and promptly handing over pacifier to say good morning.  Even though they can be the bane of any parent or family's existence a baby with a pacifier in mouth is just one of the cutest sights ever.

I'm so thrilled and sad at the same time that she's such a little person and this is just another step toward big girldom.

Happy 19 Month Birthday Livvy Lou.  I love YOUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

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  1. WOW - way to go Miss Livvy!!! We haven't even started trying to wean Bodie's binky yet. I keep thinking we'll want it for the Fontan, which might be next summer, so I don't want to wean him from one of the only things we'll have to soothe him with at that time. But then, my luck, we'll hold off on his Fontan for a long time...and I'll have a 6 year old with a binky! Ha!